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it's that time again... well, i'm a little behind. but it's another Week in the Life project hosted and created by Ali Edwards. one of my all time favorite projects, next to scrapbooking, of course. lately, i have not been picking up my camera as much, but do try to use my camera phone. w/ this project, it allows me to really think about what we are doing regularly and documenting those moments captured through the lens. read more about the WITL here...

this time around, life is different.... Tyler is in middle school (6th grade), Corinne is a 2nd grader, i have a part-time job working at the local flower shop, a full-time metalsmith and still doing some scrapbooking dt work. the man, well, he's still going strong w/ Fuji and is in the midst of another home renovation project... the master bathroom (more on that later). oh, and our rescued greyhound, Nala has gained 10 lbs... WHOA! apparently, that is a lot for greyhounds. but hey, she's preparing for the cold season ahead.

anyway, when Monday arrived, i knew it was time for WITL, but quickly forgot. none the less, i managed to snap a few images each day. not as much as i would have liked though. i'm usually going strong the first half of the project. but the flower shop has been busy and i've been busy trying to complete orders and meet scrapbooking deadlines at the same time. w/ that said, i was able to spend a few hours to just relax at the computer - something i don't do as much anymore - and upload all my images, edit and share this post... i have days 1 - 3 and i averaged around 10 to 20 photos each day. super low for me. but really, it's great living in the moment! so here goes...

day 1...

 early rise at 5am, hung out w/ Tyler and sent him off to school after 7am.

 Corinne makes it downstairs and heads out a little late, but in time for the bus.

 after a 30 minute workout and shower, i get dressed and spend most of my day at the flower shop.

 printed packing slips for orders and grabbed a few snacks before heading out.

back home and into the garage i go to start working on a few custom orders and the main polishes up one of his hammer he made in back in grade school... so cool!

Tyler arrives home from school playing on his phone, totally not paying attention to Nala needing to come back inside and as usual, Corinne draws for a good hour before doing her homework.

 Tyler at my desk, hiding from the camera, doing his homework, listening to webinar for his science class and i measured the kids... Ty grew 1/4" and Corinne grew 3/4".

after dinner... i passed out off and on, while watching Wheel of fortune and Jeopardy w/ the family. i was in bed by 830... so tired!!!

day 2...
today i was up at 415... couldn't go back to sleep. after waking kids up for school, i dressed and ate breakfast.

cleaned up the night before dishes (i usually don't do this, b/c i can't stand leaving dishes in the sink overnight, but i was extremely exhausted) and then cut out a hundred pillow boxes (packaging for my jewelry).

 whipped up a green tropical smoothie before work and filled up my new favorite 32 oz. eco water bottle i bought from Tupperware.

dryer buzzed just before i walked out for work and snapped a quick selfie before heading in ;)

and just like that, no more photos. i ended up running errands for several hours and didn't really think about capturing the moment... arrived home, unloaded and spent the rest of the evening relaxing w/ the family before heading to bed early.

lastly, day 3...
early rise and began roasting my raw almonds (i can't eat almonds raw, have a slight reaction to them, so i roast them) and poured myself a cup of coffee (yes i am back to having ONE cup a day).

 printed out mailing labels for orders and packed the kids lunch.

Corinne informing me how she will wear her hair on Halloween so it doesn't get in the way of her hoodie and punched out embossed labels for packaging.

the kids received Halloween cards from a cousin and one of their grandparents and i stayed up until midnight (this is RARE!!!) editing WITL photos and catching up on paperwork.

and that is it! see you with day 4 tomorrow... xoxo!

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