summer + arm accessory sneak...

a while back i shared a link on facebook, 1970's summer, which brought back a ton of childhood memories. i thought it would be fun for the kids to have a similar experience as we did growing up.

i love the concept and ideas and so far, we've accomplished a handful of them... i'm not sure if we could actually get number 4 done though. the amount of money it costs to see a movie is pretty hefty... really wish we had a drive-in theater though; that would be awesome! and believe it or not, i've allowed them to eat an awful lot of junk/candy. my gosh, the excitement on their faces when they ask if they can have more than one ice cream sandwich or eight cookies or a few packs of pez kids candy is so cute. not to mention they've quenched their thirst by drinking a full pitcher of pink lemonade in one day, insane!

i have not seen both of my babies since Saturday... Tyler's buddy Ace, slept over for two days and they couldn't bare to be apart, so Ty is hanging out w/ Ace and his family for two days. Corinne is also hangin' w/ her bestie for two days, celebrating her friends birthday. she even packed extra clothes just in case the opportunity came... hehe, love it! they come home today and i can not wait to see them and hear about all the fun they've had over the past few days.

and i've been spending ample time at my workbench creating some new arm accessories that i am really excited about. hope to have them listed in the shop over the next few days... by the end of the week for sure!

...enjoy your Monday!!

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