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did you have a great 4th? it was pretty laid back, low key for us, but really nice. we didn't do too much this year. we enjoyed fireworks this year at a friends house, which was nice and the kids enjoyed themselves.

lately, i haven't been consistent w/ my fitness lately and it is showing. i have been slacking, mostly b/c of my upper right thigh causing me issues. i continue to work on making it feel better though. i decided to start up w/ some crossfit workouts. i'm really looking forward to something new and different. speaking of fitness, today's layout share is a selfie during one of my many bike rides last year... i used a mix of products from Gossamer Blue's add-ons and life pages kits.

the July papers and project life cards linear designs and geometric shapes are truly amazing... so, i mixed them all up onto one layout. a seemingly simple page that took forever to create... why is that? my cowgirl layout i did took all of 40 minutes and yet, go figure!


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