Gossamer Blue | July main kit, cowgirl...

summer is in full swing around here... w/ the exception of being at the beach. we were suppose to hang out at the lake the week after the kids were out of school, but w/ preparing for a wedding, my parents visit and getting Tyler ready for his week long summer camp, the sandy shores of the lake (and beach for that matter) was low on the list. this week, the kids and i are just chillin', recouping from the busy last two weeks of June. and they are not going to like the next few days - starting today - we (they mostly) will be going through ALL the toy bins through the house and their bedrooms. donating, tossing it all away and so forth. my task is to go through all the large baskets of books and magazines, weeding through what to keep, donate and recycle. this is a task i do not like while they are on summer vacation. but it's the best time to get it done and NOW so we can continue having a fun summer... and hit up the lake and beach :)

anyway, onto some crafty goodness. June was also a busy scrapbooking month for me. many extra assignments to fulfill, which at the moment, i can not share, just yet! at one point i lost that mojo and had to mentally regroup and move on. and of course, what better way to do so when you are given some of the most amazing scrappy products. Gossamer Blue's July's main kit was beautiful. i especially loved the pattern papers by Traci Reed and One Little Bird. my word was i in heaven with those pretty papers. and the digital die-cuts and printables... LOVE all around i tell ya!

enough rambling... my layout using a good majority of the products found in the July main kits...

this layout came together fairly quickly for me, rarely happens. the overall design i just love and love how it's fairly bright with pops of color and shows off my girls sweet smile... and those dimples!!!!

thanks for stopping by, enjoy your Wednesday... xo!


  1. Great layout Cindy! I love the die cut paper and the pops of color and of course your daughters adorable photo!! Good luck with getting organized. I need to do the same!

    1. thanks Dawn! and it felt so good organizing those baskets of books/mags and the toy bins... kids weren't too happy about it, but it's one thing off our to-do list ;)


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