week in the life | 9/12, Thursday...

402am... dude, i couldn't sleep... totally annoyed! i tossed & turned. so i laid there playing on my phone and 30 minutes later, Tyler gets into bed w/ me because he's been up since 345am. by 530, i was up sipping on tea and left him in bed watching cartoons..

815am... Corinne was so upset that Tyler was staying home and she had to go to school. she cried for five minutes before heading out to the bus stop :(

830am... paid bills online, ate breakfast, chatted on phone w/ neighbor finding out we aren't the only ones w/ high electric bills later. called Dominion power to be left on hold too long (annoyed)..

1030am... visit w/ the Pediatrician to check on Ty's asthma, Walgreens to pick up prescriptions. the boy is on a steroid for the next three days and has to have his nebulizer treatment four times a day until Monday and then we get to gradually cut back every few days.. (seems so excessive... really need to pick up some local honey since we just ran out!)

1245pm... we stopped by the dump to drop off lots of trash that was loaded into the mans car the night before.. both of us starving by this point, didn't realize it was so late in the day, lunch from Chick-fila, i worked on an assignment for all of 20 minutes, i was too tired and decided to watch a movie instead..

330pm... a nice thick dt package arrived from Lori, owner of Gossamer Blue, Corinne arrived home shortly after, kids chatted on phone w/ daddy and we had leftovers for dinner..

600pm... we hit up Redbox to pick up Teen Beach Movie that i reserved earlier in the day. while pulling into 7-11, Tyler freaked out because a spider was crawling up his leg and i almost ran into a pole. the boy screamed so loud, my ears were ringing and then Corinne was scared. i found the spider and killed it... hahaha, he looked like he was about to climb over the chair or over into the driver side at one point, comical drive home..

730pm... during the movie, i kept wondering why Corinne was moving around so much, caught her w/ her feet to her nose and then she burnt off energy by dancing along to all the rehearsal scenes from the movie before heading to bed for the night..

Ty acted as second shooter today, which was nice :) photo count for the day was only 50...  ---> visit Ali's blog to find out more about this project 








  1. So I have to ask about the honey...is that an asthma remedy? I'm asthmatic and it is usually pretty well controlled but I have been having to use my inhaler a lot the past couple weeks. Ally loves Teen Beach Movie! That pic of Corinne with her feet cracked me up!

    1. Katie, i'm not sure it helps w/ asthma 100%, but i know it does really help a lot for many allergies. here is a link w/ more info. Ty took after me in the allergy dept. and i have local honey daily, as well as Corinne. the local honey would at least help w/ him not having to use his nebulizer all the time. last year he didn't have any episodes, so i was bummed it kicked back in this year...


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