week in the life | 9/11, Wednesday...

540am... cup of tea, computer time and quiet time...

700am... Corinne didn't want to get up, so i danced w/ her to the tune Jammin' by Bob Marley.. Tyler's coughing turned into wheezing. so, we had to use the nebulizer before he headed to school.. made breakfast (i enjoy eating breakfast w/ the kids every morning)..

930am... spent more time pumping air in my bike tires than i needed to.. after a shower i found Nala laying on the floor w/ her paws crossed (she's such a lady)..

1130pm... listened (& danced) to Believer by American Authors while folding all the towels i washed the day before, worked on an assignment, ate leftovers for lunch..

130pm... i received a call from school that Tyler's wheezing was bothering him after recess, off to school i went w/ nebulizer in tow (off to the Dr's later)..

200pm... back home to find myself cleaning up the backyard and gardening in 92 degree HOT AS HELL weather for nearly 2 hours, i was drenched, took 2nd shower for the day..

445pm... too exhausted to make dinner.. so we ran out to pick up frozen pizza..

700pm... worked on homework before showers and bed..

kids in bed by 830pm.. i was really tired in laid in bed til about 930pm w/ the tv on.. photo count for the day was only 47...  ---> visit Ali's blog to find out more about this project






  1. Great day of pictures! I love the bike ones and your food today looks so GOOD!!


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