week in the life | 9/13, Friday...

825am... i drove the kids to school today b/c i had to bring in Tyler's nebulizer tube and mouth piece along w/ paperwork from the Pediatrician. i hit up the gym right afterwards, cranking out the cardio and weightlifting. the gym was empty, for like a split second. so, i took advantage and set up the phones self-timer... it was a LONG workout and a lot of calories were burned...YEESSSSS!!!

1020am... arrived home to unload the dishwasher, turn off the a/c and open the windows and started working on my assignment that i've been working on off and on all week long.

1230pm... baked lunch in the oven, tilapia and fresh roma tomatoes from the garden and sipped on lime infused water all day long. then back to work i went...

345pm... sat outside in the sun waiting (vitamin D feels so good every now & then) for the school bus to arrive. when the kids came home, they snacked and then headed out to run some errands. we also enjoyed dinner at Noodle & Co.

630pm... bought up Kids Bop 24 for the kids at Target and we jammed, it was comical and fun. the suv was shaking. i'm sure onlookers thought we were quite cray cray!

900pm... Tim FINALLY arrives home from being in Connecticut for work this week. his train was over 2 hours late. you could tell he was exhausted and just wanted to get home to relax! he brought home gifts for us all, too...YAY!

1000pm... kids were gifted a google and apple store cards and they both instantly bought Minecraft. they sat on the couch way too late. but it's Friday, it's the one night they can stay up late during the week. and i enjoyed super, duper cheap wine while creating :)

photo count for the day was only 37...  ---> visit Ali's blog to find out more about this project 


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