PageMaps | January sketch + layout...

oh how i love love love PageMaps January sketch design. the stitched lines, pattern blocking and great simplicity. i can totally see this sketch design being a go-to when i am in a creative stump. love it! i stuck with the original sket design adding my own elements to go with the story behind the photo. i also used a white pen to mark my lines... i was on a mission to make sure the lines were straight and even, which if i had machine stitched the lines, they would have been all over the place, ha!

i know it's a little early for Valentine's page to go up, but i couldn't resist. i was already in that mode when completely other layouts for GB. so of course, i used the perfect image of my favorite little people for this months sketch... another favorite from 2014, YES! the kids loved their big red lips in their Valentine's gift basket. as soon as i asked them to stand together so i can get a picture wearing their red lips, their personalities immediately shined!!!

thanks so much for stopping by... enjoy your day, xo!

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  1. What a pretty page! I haven't used Pagemaps before... I might have to check them out! Thanks for the inspiration. :)


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