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it's been ages since i've updated my blog other than for scrapbooking... since last summer/fall, i really needed the break from it... it was just too much to do w/ so little time. to be quite honest, i've been super lazy about keeping it updated, unless i have scrapbooking projects to share. i found myself hanging out on instagram the most... i still hang out at facebook but not as much as i used too. i am finding that it's really, really difficult keeping up to date w/ my list of friends and family over there... so i just skim through it early in the morning and late at night, etc. i rarely have my computer on over the weekends as well; unless i have a deadline looming. when life isn't so hectic, i'm binding on netflix and i am in bed by 830 or 9, sad i know... getting old folks ;) anyway, i am going to put in a little more effort into keeping this ole blog updated more often. it'll be random though... some weeks i'll post a lot others not so much. totally unstructured, it has to be random or the pressure of feeling i HAVE to update it every day or specific days will be stress and annoy me (except when sharing projects, of course)... and i don't really have time for that, ha. so, wish me luck!

as you can see, i've changed the look of my blog a month or two ago. i really love the fresh, clean look and feel of the space now. it's less crowded and easy to find links, etc. there are still a few kinks i have to sort through, but for the most part, it's all done.

anyway, last night we attended Corinne's American Heritage Girls awards ceremony. she and all the girls in her troop received lots of awards and many leveled up. they all worked super hard and accomplished a lot when the troop began four months ago... looking forward to her starting back up in the fall. i just love the above photo so much... just wish i could remember what we were laughing about at that moment, haha!

as usual, thanks a bunch for stopping by here, i do appreciate it. happy hump day :) ...xoxo!

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