day in the life | 7/27/13

here is our day in a nutshell (click images to view closer)...

640...  gym
800...  home to shower, computer time (nice surprise to see my layout be featured on Two Peas the previous day...) breakfast, get kids dressed
945...  physicals for the kids + they did not like that too much
1115.. quick errands + a much needed wash for the SUV
1145.. playtime + lunch with the kids
215...  worked on assignments while kids played together
430...  dinner
530...  tend to the garden + quality family time
830...  straighten up around the house while Ty ran around wearing Corinne's butterfly wings in his underwear...hahaha, hilarious!!!

that pretty much sums up our day. i did great snapping photos earlier in the day. once i was deep into a few deadlines and sometime after dinner, i wasn't thinking about photos. it was just nice being in the moment.

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until next month...

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  1. Cindy, great documentation. I like how you kept track of when you did those things. I'll try that next month. I need to take some pictures next time my daughter goes to the doctor...that seems to be a big part of childhood.Natalie from ArchitectMAMA


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