we survived...

all last week i had been working on ridding of a cold that was trying to attack me. i managed to ward it off in time for my Warrior Dash last Saturday w/ some friends in Maryland. but later that night, i was so exhausted & down for the count. come Sunday morning, i was laid up in bed sick, sleeping off & on the entire day. baby girl was sweet & we watched a few movies together on Netflix & she didn't mind me dozing off now & then, hahaha.

today i am feeling 90% better! i'm more thrilled to have my energy back. having no energy & the feeling of exhaustion for the past week was quite annoying & got in the way of life. hate when that happens.

if you follow me on FB, you've already seen pictures from the mud run. but i decided to carry around a waterproof camera. i wanted to get some action shots of my own & i can not wait to see the rest of the action shots from the professional photographers during the entire event!


these mud runs/obstacle courses are totally addicting. once you do you first one, you'll want to do more. next Warrior Dash is in September & i'm so ready to sign up for it. i also need to get up the nerve so do a Spartan Race & Tough Mudder. i want to try Rugged Maniac also.. but next up is the Tribal Quest... this one looks like so much fun!


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