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hello there!

last week was crazy, so much going on that i find myself losing track while trying to keep up w/ everything we have going on around here. i don't see it slowing down much either. we have some house projects in the works and just the thought of making a mess to get it all done is stressing me out a little. but i know it will all look so nice in the end. we finally bought tile for our kitchen backsplash, we have tile cutter & equipment to get started, we picked out the paint color for the walls and we even have a guy coming out to paint the kitchen, bathroom & foyer ceiling next weekend. i'm super excited to get this all knocked off my to do list.

today, i have a layout that went live up on the Lily Bee blog, featuring the circle & tag stickers. i broke out my circle punches for this page. it's been a very long time since i have used the same shape, repeatedly on a layout and it was quite liberating. for my design, i created a little organized clutter with layers of embellishments and stickers. i love how it turned out.

i used snap shots of the bed & breakfast we stayed while vacationing in Nags Head last year. i loved that place and looking forward to staying their again.

to continue with the arrow element from the top corner of my page, i converted the chipboard airplane into an arrow by snipping off the top end of it's body. like how that turned out.

thanks for stopping by. i hope enjoy your day off relaxing, xo!

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