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Can you believe it's already December and Christmas is just 3.5 weeks away? WOW, 2015 sure has flown by miraculously! Well, I don't know about you, but I am more than halfway done with my Christmas shopping. Super excited about that. Just a few more gifts to get and I'm good. But of course, that Christmas photo has yet to be snapped and now we just need to take a few moments our busy lives and get it done.

My December PageMaps sketch layout showcases our forever last minute Christmas card photo. How last minute? January 1, 2016 last minute. Yup, the day before all the holiday trimming were going to be boxed up, I grabbed the kids, Nala and festive holiday hats and snapped a few pictures and viola! It worked and was sent out to all our family and friends. Last year was an extremely, and unexpected busy time for us. But I didn't want to go without sending a little love and holiday cheer to our family and friends!

I kept with the color inspiration from my photo. Trimmed the main photo and phrase from our Christmas cards and used a mix of holiday elements that conveyed my themed layout. Love how it turned out, especially working with a unique layout sketch designed by Becky at PageMaps.

Thanks so much for stopping by this month. Wishing you and your family a lovely and happy Christmas... Cheers :)

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