WITL | day 5...

phew... what a day! Friday was crazy busy and it was all worth it! i was super tired by the time we arrived home after 930 pm. my day started super early, like 430 early! WHOA! i don't know what was wrong w/ me. i guess the excitement of the day upcoming day and trying to complete a few things off my "list" was on the mind. didn't sleep much!

anyway, i captured over 70 images Friday. here are a few from our day...

trying a new brew & yes, it was strong! they boy wrapping himself up in his blanket, not wanting to get up and go to school. lots of tickling to get him out of bed.

new shower curtain we picked up at Ikea the day before... wanted to get something that worked for both the kids. Tyler heading off to school!

Corinne was a little slow moving this morning and she gets up as early as Tyler does. she tends to wander a bit, playing or drawing, which leads into rushing the last 15 minutes before the bus arrives. managed to whip up a bowl of steal cut oats w/ frozen blueberries and local honey...

drove her to school, since we were super late for the bus. home to clean up and work on some editing for a few projects i have going on at the same time and watched Kelly & Michael in the process.

at work today we assisted the designer (florist) prepare flowers and corsages for an upcoming wedding and a high schools homecoming.... this was fun!

i dashed over to Party City to pick up a costume.. so last minute! raced home to change and get the kids and i ready for the Halloween party.

Ty's best friend, Liam arrived and it was time for photos. picked up my friend Carolyn :) she rocked her costume, i love it so much! so fun!

while the adults played, the kids went off w/ teenagers to trick or treat... really fun night!!!

 the waitress and Bob Seger... SO AWESOME!

 Madonna w/ her producer and i just LOVE LOVE Mikes mini cocktail glasses...

i love a good Cab, but this Merlot was super delish!!! and yes, there was some REALLY good Tequila...

baby Lily arrived and was non-stop! love that girl! and the girls, us in all our glory :)

a very long day, but so much fun... xoxo!!

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