new experience + new pieces...

i participated in my first show in Lorton this past weekend and enjoyed the experience immensely! i just have to say though, despite the cold, rainy weather, it was fun meeting other makers with a love for handmade. and to be honest, i was nervous as heck! i didn't sleep well for almost two weeks. waking up at 430 am seemed like it was never going to end. my workouts were not happening... i was consumed, excited and nervous. but now that it is over with, it was totally worth it. but believe me, i will handle it a differently next time and work harder to be more prepared... that's the goal anyway.

so, i have some pieces leftover from the show and i am super excited about each of them. the pieces show will be listed by this evening in both shops (here + here) and more (not shown) will be added each day this week.

..... xo!

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