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last April, we started our kitchen redo and it has taken me a VERY long time, like 14 months long, to find and pick between two completely different tiles to use for our backsplash. a lot of it had to do w/ cost and deciding whether or not the more expensive one would have been too busy of a design against the granite. so, i made up my mind and kept it simple using a neutral stone subway sheet tile instead, which i love much more.

this past Monday we began our project. it was quite stressful in the very beginning and we didn't start until after lunchtime. we didn't get as far as we had planned, but the process ended up going along quite smoothly after getting the hang of it. Tuesday we spent that day finishing up. i think we felt like pros by this point, ha. Wednesday, the man went back to work and i inspected a few areas and that needed adjusting. and today, i hope to have the last tiny pieces of tile installed in places that are hard to get around. wish me luck, b/c the tile cutter makes me nerves as it is.



  1. Wow Cindy that's fantastic! Can't wait to see the big reveal :) Also, is that the Ikea table that you painted red? I have one in mt office and now I totally want to paint the legs! lol

    1. thanks Francine :)

      yes that's the Ikea table, we use it as our island. i painted it red when Corinne was 1, so about 5 years ago. be sure to sand the before painting. will make it a lot easier. though, i am thinking of painting it another color and using spray paint instead, will just have to cover the top part that we use often.

    2. Thanks! Now to decide what colour........ ;)


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