Day in the Life | May

hello there!

i'm here with another  day in the life, May edition... i didn't remember it was the last day of the month until after i arrived home from the gym. but managed to capture enough that shows how our day went. pretty relaxing really and i didn't do a lot of selfies this time. well, maybe just one... used my cell phone b/c i didn't feel like lugging my dslr and i couldn't find my Fuji x10 until later that afternoon. oh well! anyway, here are some snippets from our day...

home from the gym

Corinne up early dancing b/c it's Friday

Ty still in bed w/ his dsi

prepping for school

covering up my gray hairs

listened to Bryan Ferry while color sets and web surfing

my squash are doing well :)

lunch w/ Corinne & her classmates

trip to the mall waiting to have my brows threaded

picked up a bottle of wine

 home for a filling snack, so good!

 home from school chillin' watching the rest of a Lego movie

about to grill dinner while Nala relaxes
 burgers and salad for dinner
 a little movie time, watched the Avengers w/ popcorn

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