the weekend...


hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day yesterday!

i managed to keep myself busy spending breakfast out with my two bff's at Mimi's Cafe. we indulged in sparkling cocktails and delicious breakfast... there were no counting calories what so ever! we even managed to hog up the parking lot to snap a few selfies with a few spectators watching how silly we were, ha!

      (not the best picture as far as background & graininess, but it works)

afterwards, i did a little shopping, headed home to two flower bouquets from my little cuties and cards. each of them were given a chore to do for me today, Corinne was to unload the dishwasher and Tyler clean their bathroom (the bathroom cleaning didn't go over too well, but that will all change, ha) anyway, it was nice to not have to do anything around the house & cook. we all headed out to Crave for some frozen yogurt and a few hours later we ended enjoyed dinner & entertainment at the Japanese Steak House. after dinner, i headed off to see Oblivion. the movie wasn't too bad. just wish it had shared a few more details they i couldn't figure out. nice to not have a child sit on my lap or share popcorn. definitely peaceful, to me. i know many think it's the weirdest thing going to see a movie alone. i only do it on Mother's Day and it's always nice to do something alone that you normally wouldn't do otherwise.

anyway, a day later, i have Mother's Day card i created for the Lily Bee blog last week. you can see closeups and read about it here....


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